Magnum Performance Turbos manufactures the best t2, t3, t4, t5 and t6 turbos for boosted high horsepower applications, small turbos midsized turbos and racing turbos for planes vehicles and boats is our specialty. Buy the right turbo today for your turbo motor, turbo kit. Turbo sizes vary from 45mm turbos, 54mm turbos, 60mm turbos, 62mm turbos, 67mm turbos, 70mm turbos, 72mm turbos, 76mm turbos, 80mm turbos and 88mm turbos with billet compressor covers for the race track. Sponsorships are available for pro-mod, nhra, nmra, nmca, adrl, outlaw, sso, entry-level, street and class legal turbo cars. Turbo models also range among  6255, 6065, 6262, 6762, 6765, 7067, 7267, 7675, 7278, 7778, 8078 and 8885 turbocharger turbine combinations. Turbo sales are not what MPTurbos is all about; providing the right turbocharger solution for your needs and budget is our goal.

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